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When the unexpected does occur, it can be a stressful experience for anyone. 


Knowing the steps to take can save you time, and make the process a smoother one.   

The Claims Process

Claim types can vary, but most require similar actions to be taken  

Submit claim

To start, we need to hear what happenedWe will then notify you of the best way to contact us for any questions you have on your claim. 

Roselle Mutual Insurance-Claims-Policy.p


Obtain an estimate and schedule repairs 

After gathering the facts, we will then name an amount for the repairs. In some situations we can help schedule a repair for you. 

Roselle Mutual



Review damage

Document all damage that occurred. In some cases taking pictures of the incident is sufficient, but others may require in person inspections. 

Roselle Mutual Insurance-Claims-Damage R


Settle your claim

Get the money that you're owed, and get back to life. We'll be right here. 

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